Ultralight Powered Paraglider Propellers

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We hand-craft powered paraglider propellers! GSC Systems is one of the oldest and most globally-renowned propeller manufacturing companies for the light aircraft and airboat industries today.

We began with handmade hardwood fixed-pitch propellers and also developed the ground adjustable TECH II and TECH III. With the TECH series, customers are able to replace single blades rather than changing the complete propeller.

Handcrafted Paraglider Propellers.

With our modern production equipment, we can offer the PPG customer the same high-quality products that our conventional aircraft customers have depended upon. We offer the best of both worlds; a complete line of fixed-pitch props, or choose from our 2-blade and 3-blade fully ground-adjustable product lines.

Our advantage is that we have a CMM in house, which means if you have a unique or damaged prop, we can duplicate the original. Even better, we can even modify it if necessary to get the optimum RPM and thrust that you require.

Ground Adjustable 2 and 3 Blade PPG Propellers


Ground adjustable propellers are constructed with multi-laminated Hard-Rock Maple hardwood.

The root section is under-cut then encapsulated using R.T.M. (resin Transfer Moulding) process in precision C.N.C. machined metal molds. Ground-adjustable propellers can be much cheaper and lighter in weight than in-flight-adjustable propellers. Although much less versatile than an inflight-adjustable equivalent, when compared to a fixed pitch propeller a ground-adjustable propeller means that pitch changes can be made to optimize the aircraft for specific payload and flying conditions.

Fixed Pitch PPG Propellers From GSC Systems


Construction of fixed-pitch propellors are such that the wood fibres in the laminations run the entire length of the propeller, allowing it to absorb considerable harmonic vibrations from the engine or crankshaft.

Because of this superior strength, GSC Systems will suggest that a fixedpitch propeller be used on any direct drive engine (such as Subaru®, Jabiru® and Volkswagen®. Generally a fixed-pitch propeller is a less-expensive option than an adjustable propellor. Additionally, they are ideal for flyers that wish to be able to attach their propellers and immediately be ready to fly, with no further effort required for adjusting.

Exclusive Propeller Clocks

Looking for a unique gift for the aviation enthusiast who has everything?

These propeller clocks are made with the same care and manufacturing process as our airplane propellers. Choose from a basic design in stock or let us make a one-of-a-kind propeller clock designed just for you.

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We’re proud of our team, and we believe in having long-term employees and trusted customer service, all to the benefit of the thousands of satisfied customers.

Excellent products, unbeatable customer service, combined with very competitive prices makes GSC Systems still one of the greatest propeller manufacturers in the industry today.