GSC Systems Uses The Latest Manufacturing Technology

GSC Systems has designed our own fixturing and modified computer controlled equipment and software, which enables us to produce precise high quality blades.

The Manufacturing Process

The crafting process begins with super-select clear Eastern maple, with a moisture content carefully maintained between 6-7%.

The blade rough shape pieces are cut out to create several layers for the required blade thickness. The rough shaped pieces are then laminated together using a special glue/acid compound, and placed into a purpose-engineered hydraulically-controlled press. If required, our engineers model props in 3D design software to create the most efficient and effective performance.

GSC PPG Propeller Manufacture

Hightech Process Combined With Craftsmanship

To reproduce a specific propeller a master copy is set into the carving machine, where up to four rough laminated propeller blades are cut to basic shape at once. Afterwards they are placed in a CNC programmed router machine and the blades are cut to precisely the correct profile and pitch.

Ready To Be Shipped

The propellers are then hand-sanded to remove any machine marks, and an initial balance is then done at this point. If a leading edge protection is required, the edge is cut out and a special epoxy is molded into the leading edge of the propeller. The propellers are then sanded again to a beautiful finish and a final balance is performed.

Finest Quality Product

The props are sealed to prepare for final finish, one more careful sanding is done, and the props are ready for final coating. A two-part automotive polyurethane with added U.V. protection is used, providing a coating that is extremely durable in harsh environments and yet is flexible enough to absorb the flexing to which a propeller is subjected. The clear coat finish enhances the beauty of the maple wood while providing superior protection.

Quality Control

Our quality control is superb, and each propellor is subjected to thorough inspection at every stage of production process. Each blade is carefully wrapped and shipped for our customers. Once received, there are simple assembly, mounting and pitch-setting instructions to follow, and then the rewarding adventure of flight can begin!

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We’re proud of our team, and we believe in having long-term employees and trusted customer service, all to the benefit of the thousands of satisfied customers.

Excellent products, unbeatable customer service, combined with very competitive prices makes GSC Systems still one of the greatest propeller manufacturers in the industry today.